Custom Systems, Inc. provides computerized solutions to business situations, specializing in custom written applications tailored to suite your companies needs.

Our approach:

Staff and Associates with "Real World" skills
Our senior staff are qualified and experienced accountants, holding CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CA (Chartered Accountant) designations, who are also experienced computer professionals.

Methodical Approach
Each project is analyzed and broken down into identifiable stages. The appropriate staff is assigned to each stage. The client and our management periodically review the progress of each stage.

Involvements of Client at all levels
The client's staff and management are regularly kept up to date with the status of the project, as well as consulted with at all stages of the product development. We form a tight working relationship with the client, as we recognize that a project can never succeed without the clients active involvement.

Use of proper tools
We do not subscribe to the notion that "If a hammer is the only available tool, then everything starts looking like a nail". Great care is taken to ensure that the correct tools are used. This is achieved by following a hierarchical decision making process when deciding on which tool best fits the task at hand. Firstly we determine whether there is an existing solution on the market that will resolve the business situation. If there is not such a product, we determine whether the problem can be resolved by using a business application like a database manager or spreadsheet. Only after we have satisfied ourselves that the problem cannot be resolved by the use of the aforementioned tools, do we consider using a purpose written solution.

Staff Training (Yours and Ours)
Many well designed programs never get implemented because client staff are not adequately trained to use the system. Custom Systems recognizes that training forms a fundamental ingredient to the successful implementation of a project.

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